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TV Promos/Intros/Bumpers

We are a FULL service HD Television Pro Audio / Video Production Studio.  We have successfully edited 62+ syndicated television shows for broadcast.  We will professionally shoot and or edit your content and craft your show  into a highly polished television program, ready for any screen.  We can work with your director or line produce your content into any time format you require.  For syndication, we insert black holes for commercials and station identification into your program with custom in/out show transitions, bumpers and segment edits. We've done 90 minute programs with 8+ commercial spots and we've done 30 minute shows   3/4 commercial spots.  

We specialize in mastering your TV show audio. We have a library of TV music beds, foley sound effects, theme songs and hundreds of stock video clips for use. Our Pro Audio music studio is capable of writing and recording custom music catered to your program. We have 4 specialized Mac stations and utilize the Adobe Creative Suite including Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and ProTools 10, among others.  We are also available for Consultation so CALL us today and let's talk about producing your NEW HIT SHOW! Below are samples of content from three show's customized intros, transitions, bumpers, segment intros, and outro credit rolls, as well as a reality show sizzle reel.  MORE videos are available upon request.

Fight Sizzle Reel 1

TV Show Intro/Credit roll/ Bumpers 1 SIX GUN THEATER

TV Show Intro/Credit roll/ Bumpers 2 KARTOON CIRCUS

TV Show Intro

TV Show Intro

Reality Show Sizzle Reel Music City Moon Goddess

Fight Sizzle Reel 2

Fight Sizzle Reel 3

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  • CMT Country Music Television
  • GAC Great American Country
  • Garnd Ole Opry
  • Nashville Area Chamber Of Commerce
  • Nashville Convention And Vistors Bureau
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  • Save The Music America